The logic of crime

Gordon Robinson can’t help being cheeky! This time he hits Ian Boyne and others hard for suggesting that young men learn criminality at high school. He makes his point referencing Dudus, whom he says learned criminality at home, and not at Ardenne. Read article

Flawed logic in schools and crime issue

Rev Devon Dick wades into the debate about specific schools producing criminals and may have complicated the argument. He correctly cites how the debate is bringing needed scrutiny to the issue, but his logic gets shaky when he posits that linking schools to crime insinuates that the curriculum is teaching criminality. Read article

12% Minimum Wage Increase for Employees

The reaction isn’t surprising given tough market conditions. President of the Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Alliance Professor Rosalea Hamilton and Jamaica Society for Industrial Security’s head George Overton predict tough times ahead for business with the new minimum wage. Prof. Hamilton even expects job cuts and other adjustments for business to absorb the higher costs. Read article

Goat Island’s Animated Campaign from JET

Throwing a government minister’s words back in his face, the Jamaica Environmental Trust is now running an animated short titled “Don’t Mess With Goat Island.” Hoping the short will go viral, JET wants the government to identify an alternative site for the planned transshipment port.  The animation is a bit amateurish, but that’s understandable because its origins are from a Facebook competition. Watch Video

Great Music from One String

This is very cool! Brushy One String shows Jamaican creativity with, you guessed it, a one-string guitar. His talent is clearly abundant because when he begins singing it is an American Country, Blues, Rap sounding song titled Chicken in the Corn. He has become a local personality since being discovered by director Luciano Blotta who featured Brushy in his film RiseUp. Watch video

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