Saving generations to come from cigarettes

Rightfully so, Gleaner columnist Garth Rattray is upset about what he calls the tobacco seduction of our children. He cites a 2010 study to show how easy it is for children to get access to cigarettes and the subtle and not so subtle ways the cigarette companies promote their products to this target market. Read article

The iguana and Tessanne

Diana, being Diana (McCaulay), somehow managed to put together in her blog Tessanne Chin's success on The Voice with the Jamaican rock iquana. Her integrated thread is that both are vanishingly rare and their fate is in the hands of others. A rare read about one of our species that is not far away from extinction. Read Blog Post

There is money in weed

Industrial hemp is a growth industry and it is time that Jamaica consider the revenue potential of marijuana's non-toxic cousin. Journalist Norris McDonald and chemist Roy Patrick argue strongly that government should provide support for and that ganja farmers could switch to this lucrative crop.
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Wall Street Journal Jaundiced

Ewart Walters has a long view of the way the Wall Street Journal covers Jamaica in its news and editorials. He sees the conservative paper pushing its nose into Jamaican business, from railing against Michael Manley in the 1970s to the drug testing issues today. Read article

What Can Make You Get All Right

The tourist board got it all right this time! The new video urging the world to visit Jamaica is a gorgeous visual experience of what the country has to offer visitors. This superbly edited commercial shows in popping colours exactly why others are fascinated by this island.
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