Holness' Work Around to the Constitution

Attorney Bert Samuels isn't amused by Andrew Holness' prenuptial agreement with the JLP's senators. He sees the opposition leader's work around to the Constitution as undermining democracy itself. And he reminds Holness that his conduct now tells us what his conduct will be as prime minister.
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Clever way to push data use

There is some self interest involved, to be sure,but Digicel's Shelly-Ann Harris makes a decent argument for companies in Jamaica using social media to boost their public relations. She notes that heightened social media eventually makes its way back to mass media for a win-win situation.
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Levi Roots Store at Devon House

The man who slayed the dragon and convinced two top British venture capitalist to back his Reggae Reggae Sauce has opened a pretty store in Devon House in Kingston. Entertainer and Entrepreneur Levi Roots, whose branded products are selling well in the UK and elsewhere recided it was time to have a presence at home.
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We must stop producing defective men!

Saying succinctly what we all know intuitively about gunmen, columnist Garth Rattray puts in clear perspective the nature of the “bad men” around us in Jamaica. He rightly sees how these cowards sow fear in their communities and hold everyone hostage with their dastardly deeds. Rattray calls them defective men.
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Getting the most out of your home

Perhaps because of the economy's poor state, Jamaicans are using home equity loans increasingly, according to banks and building societies. Older homeowners are using built up equity to pay for tertiary education, invest elsewhere and even fund daily expenses. Read how the financial institutions are responding.
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