A flaccid male performance

Gleaner columnist Jaevion Nelson doesn't mince words when he advises Jamaican males that they have no property rights to the vagina. He attacks what he calls sexualised masculinity and says it has a lot to do with the many distorted ways men perceive and treat women in this society.
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Defending Busta's Legacy

Ken Jones isn't happy with Orville Taylor's loose facts about national hero Alexander Bustamante and accuses him of being obsessed with sullying Busta's name. In a fiery piece, Jones brings a few facts of his own to bear and says Taylor is not yet worthy to unloose the latchet of Busta's shoes.
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All is not well with power project

The issues surrounding the 360 Megawatt Project are not going away. The PSOJ and other private sector and civil society groups feel strongly that the process should be aborted and re-tendered. In this press release the JCC, JCSC, JEA, JMA, CURE, JUSD, MSME Alliance and the PSOJ outline their reasons and recommend that the Prime Minister appoint a joint public-private committee to oversee the project.
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The social gets serious about The Voice

People power was at its most obvious this week when the news broke that TVJ had acquired the rights to the NBC singing competition The Voice and it was blocked to local viewers. In the Gleaner Robert Lalah looks at the way social media mobilised Jamaicans and forced TVJ to find a work around. Read article

Sharpe deserves better

British historian Larry Kreitzer looks at Jamaican Hero Sam Sharpe’s interpretative biblical skills and how it helped in the struggle against slavery.  But Rev. Devon Dick’s review of Kreitzer’s book Kissing the Book: The Story of Sam Sharpe – an exploration of Sharpe’s role as a leader in the 1831 Baptist War – is short on insight and thin on the kind of descriptive analysis a good review needs. Read more

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