Hair-raising success

The  Pocket Rocket’s blistering track feats at the World Athletic Championships have captured international attention.  And so have her shocking pink hair extensions. Barbara Gloudon says we should not to be fooled by the little lady's cuteness. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is a smart woman.  Athletics is still a man's world so how else does a diminutive woman get the attention of sponsors? Visibility makes sponsorship and sponsorship makes for pension. Read article

Goodbye, God?

Are we turning our backs on God?  Biopsychologist Dr. Nigel Barber predicts by 2041 the majority of Jamaicans will no longer believe in God, in keeping with global trends towards atheism.   Barber sees a significant correlation between development and atheism;  affluence makes people more confident about the future and therefore less relaint on religion to cope with uncertainty and distress. Read article

Teen depression

 The disturbing research results prove the old adage,  "Children learn what they live."  A recent study by the University of the West Indies reveals a staggering 71.9 per cent of Jamaican high school students are plagued with depression.  Often the aggressive behaviour seen in students is tied to depression. Psychiatrist Dr. Clayton Sewell sees a direct link between depressive symptoms and our authoritarian parenting style. Read article

The ‘other Manley’

Dr. Douglas Ralph Manley has died quietly at the age of 91, ending an era in Jamaican politics dominated by the Manley brand.   Political historian Troy Caine gives us a glimpse into the outstanding political career and personal life of the son of national hero Norman Washington Manley.   Though not as flamboyant as younger brother Michael, without flourish he made a significant contribution to Jamaica's development. Read article

The physics of Usain Bolt

Scientists are studying the secrets of Usain Bolt’s success. The findings of a detailed study of the Jamaican sprinters record breaking 100-metre dash at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin recently appeared in the European Journal of Physics. A mathematical model is used to explain why the world’s fastest man can attain such extraordinary speed despite being less aerodynamic than the average human. Read article

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