Christopher's is buzzing again, if I'm to judge by the numbers on a Friday night. A friend, Kyle Lewis, suggested it's probably that people have begun to recover from the several Ponzi schemes that have claimed numerous victims here in recent months. Another friend, Colin Steele, believes that coming out to one of Kingston’s premier bars is probably part of the recovery.

I suspect though, that people want a sense of community to help them understand what the hell is going on in the world's financial markets. They are fearful of the likely impact in Jamaica where remittances and visitor stopover determines what action there is in our economy.

Christopher's is ideal for feeling the pulse of corporate Jamaica. On tab there last Friday night were credit cards from several top companies. Amid the networking and ogling, however, there were heated conversations about what the US meltdown means.

There is deep concern for Jamaica's economy if things in the United States and elsewhere get funkier. A depression north of us will bite hard.

Many businessmen already see a tightening in this market. Receivables have begun to lag, and there is extreme caution in planning new projects.

Those of us who earn a living in marketing, advertising and web development are particularly sensitive to these signs. Our not so mission critical services are usually the first items on the expenditure chopping block.