Students who lack interest in knowledge

This disdain for knowledge is rampantly evident.

We visited UWI this week for the launch of the current issue of Jamaica Journal, in recognition of the National Heritage Trust's 50th Anniversary. To honour the preservation of important aspects of Jamaica's memory, JJ partnered with the JNHT to produce an issue that is broad in its scrutiny of heritage in this country.

They didn't miss the mark. There are rich pieces on various aspects of Jamaica's heritage from thoughtful contributors such as Verene Shepherd, James Parrent and Ainsley Henriques.

Food shopping is no picnic these days

The supermarket is a strange place these days. People approach this community commerce icon with dread. When they get inside it usually is worse than their nightmares. There is very little laughter and absolutely no joy. But you can find much hand wringing and nuff head shaking.

Fellow shoppers wonder the aisles in what could almost be a white rum daze, many with very little in their baskets or carts. Gone is the lively repartee once found in this social setting. The only joke shoppers now acknowledge is the one on them.

Cassava is so maligned in this town

We went into the hills near Newcastle recently, on a night when we could light a fire and enjoy Jamaica's "winter." One highlight of that weekend, surprisingly, was a breakfast in the late morning when the clouds had already begun to drift by.

Specifically, the objects of my delight were these cute little coco fritters served fresh and hot. It was a wonderful way to have a ground provision whose personality isn't as robust as the ubiquitous yellow or white yam or as exotic as the blue dasheen. We enjoyed it thoroughly and thought long after: What a wonderful idea!

What exactly is the purpose of this event?

We sat through a programme the other day that tested the most patient of patrons. Not only were the items for the event far too many, but individual items were themselves extremely long.

Apart from the official welcome and opening remarks, there were greetings from three different people. Then, inexplicably, even before the programme began we were presented with a musical selection whose purpose remains a mystery.

Wi-Fi at the Liguanea car wash

With all the errands and domestic commitments weekend brings, I avoid the car wash as much as I do the Jehovah Witnesses who all seem to make a beeline to my gate. If I can get to it before 8:00 AM I may take a chance. But even then I sometimes find a few people ahead of me and I am a guest for longer than I appreciate.

On a bad weather weekend recently I chanced it, expecting things to be a bit slow and that I would get out of there quickly. I was partially right. The promised rain had certainly kept many cars away, but I ended up staying much longer for an entirely unexpected reason.

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